About Annie

I’ve always loved to draw, for as long as I can remember.
I have a distinct memory of being in kindergarten
and noticing that I was the only one not drawing stick figures.

When I’m not drawing, I work at a church that I love and believe in.

I am passionate about Zebra Sarasa .7 retractable pens.

My senior year of high school, I got to take two periods of an independent study computer class, which resulted in me photoshopping my friends in pictures with celebrities for two hours a day. It was THE BEST.

My favorite food is peanut butter and salad is a close second.

Without any fashion input from the rest of the world, I would wear overalls every day.

My favorite actress is Tina Fey. My favorite actor is Sean Connery.
If they're ever in a movie together, I am going to stalk the heck out of that movie set.

I’m tall. I like being tall. Normally tall girls say the one drawback is that you can’t wear heels,
but I actually see that as a plus.

Based on taste, I would drink Mt. Dew all day long.
Based on wanting to live past age 40, I drink water all day long.

I live in southern California but I'm pretty sure I was meant to grow up somewhere that it snows a lot. To remedy this, I spend a lot of time in the SoCal mountains, where at least I can find the seasons.

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