My Very Merry Week in Sketches

7:14 AM

Merry Christmas! I've been loving getting to spend some time relaxing with my family over the holidays. But first, here's a look back at my week:

I work at the front desk in my office, and I often have to go "summon" coworkers up to the front office. But I find myself just wanting to hang out and join the conversations I'm interrupting.

We discovered that my friend, Katie, thought that Han Solo's first name was "Hans." We gave her SUCH a hard time about it, only to grill our next female friend who walked in, and it turns out she thought the same thing. Katie felt all kinds of vindication that she wasn't the only human on earth who didn't know Han Solo's name.

I'm always jealous of my friends that live about two blocks from downtown, and they always walk to stuff. But it dawned on me the other day that I only really live about seven blocks away, and that's actually walkable. So I took a nice little stroll to a local coffee shop, and it was just the best.

My friends and I had a white-elephant-yankee-swap gift exchange, and of course someone brought a live fish as their present. I love my friends.

Wrapping! Wrapping! Wrapping! I was proud to stay ahead of the game and get almost everything wrapped before I arrived at my parents' house.

My parents and I went to church together on Christmas Eve, which I treasure.

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  2. Had to pin and tweet this. Lovely illustrations.


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