My Week in Sketches

7:30 AM

I went camping with my friends last weekend at a beach in Malibu! It was so great. 
My friends get excited whenever they get to talk to grown-ups, after a long day of talking to toddlers...

My friends' kiddos were happy playing at the beach for HOURS.

My favorite part of the trip was one night when we started shooting things into the air with a slingshot and tried to catch them. It was so much more fun than it sounds.

We had a set of corn-hole (aka bean bag toss) and the kids enjoyed retrieving the bean bags for me when I was practicing. It was pretty convenient, I'm not gonna' lie.

I swung by my parents' house afterwards, and they graciously allowed me to do all of my post-camping laundry.

I had to hunt all through my house for this year's Comic Con badges so that I could pre-register for next year. Look out, nerds, I'm coming your way!

I love when my coworkers bring their kids to the office, and the halls are filled with giggles and the pitter-patter of little feet.

Our office building is still being renovated, and this week we went as a staff and wrote things on the ground before the carpet went down and covered it up!

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