My Week in Sketches

7:15 AM

Some friends of mine are moving to my town, and I'm so excited about it!

I spent part of a work day sanding and staining a picnic table at our office. It was nice to have an excuse to be outside and away from my desk for a little while.

At my soccer games, I never want to sub out. I love soccer so much and I just want to plaaaaayyyyy!

Happy to have my friends at church with me on Sunday.

We're contemplating purchasing a few hundred chairs for a meeting room, so we spent a day asking everyone in the building to sit in a sample chair and tell us how they liked it.

I built a table! It's made from some of the old wooden bleachers at the Hollywood Bowl, which makes it extra-special to me. I was so relieved that it turned out as awesome as I'd hoped!

My friend, Nate, got to come work at our offices for a day. It was so fun because he's heard me go on and on about my office and coworkers for the past eight months, and now he finally got to see it all.

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