My (Nerdy) Week in Sketches

7:19 AM

This was a special week because it contained my annual trek to Comic Con, the nerdiest nerd-fest in all the land. It was so great. My friend and I really went for it, and spent the night in line to get good seats on Thursday (I know this seems insane to most people...Just think of it as urban camping.) We managed to get a good night's sleep, despite the one really chatty fangirl that talked loudly all night long. She was wearing a top hat...Not a full costume - just a top hat and, like, a t-shirt and sweats.

The overnight wait paid off and we had great seats to every panel we saw on Thursday, including a surprise visit by Matthew McConaughey. Even though I apparently temporarily forgot how to spell "McConaughey."

Friday evening, I was pleasantly surprised to see Taran Killam, Breckin Meyer, and Nathan Fillion were the guests on a panel of "mystery guests." I know they're not huge celebrities, but I love them all. It was a good time.

Another smaller Comic Con panel: there was a read-through of an episode by the voice actors of the cartoon "Sanjay and Craig." Tony Hale and Maulik Pancholy were two of the voices, who I love from Arrested Development and 30 Rock. I was sitting right behind their video monitor in the second row, so as they were staring at it, it felt like they were staring at meeeeee!

Back home again, I went out to lunch with a friend...settling back into life where I'm not surrounded by adult nerds in costumes.

Some friends and I went out for trivia night at a local bar, which was a blast. We lost to a team called "Trivia Newton John," but I felt like their name alone made them the winners.

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