My Week in Sketches

7:12 AM

My friends and I spent an evening talking in really, really low voices...
I can't explain this stuff. It seemed really funny at the time.

July 4th was AMAZING. My friends and I went to Dana Point, where something called "Water Wars" takes place - a thousand little boats of people attack each other with water guns and buckets. It was insanely fun, and unlike anything I've ever done. It was THE BEST.

My friend from out of state had been visiting California for several weeks, and finally had to head back to Colorado...but she'll be back in December!

I walked with a limp on Sunday. This was because I had stand-up-paddle-boarded for the first time ever on July 4th, which required using muscles I didn't know existed. Two days later, I was walking with a limp, though I preferred to act like I was somehow wounded during Water Wars because that sounded tougher.

Back at work, sometimes I get to make large meal purchases for big groups of people. 

Our office is shaped in a square, with a hallway that is one big loop. Whenever I'm going back and forth to the copy room, it's like I'm running in circles.

In our staff meetings, we sing a nerdy welcome song to anyone who is new on staff. We sing it all as a group, but this week we had one very eager staff member who started singing the song to himself before we were ready.

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