My Week in Sketches

7:21 AM

Last week I got to hang out with some friends at the summer camp where I used to work. It was the first time I've been back on grounds since I left in January, and it was a fun little homecoming.

Some friends came over to my house, which was fun because one of them hadn't been there before.

I went to a wedding and we got into a lot of mischief at our table. Lots of laughing.

I went to my church's picnic the next day, and was happy to sit in the heat with friends.

I loaded some giant, metal 8-foot shelving units into my car. It always makes me proud when my little SUV can carry huge stuff. Yes, just like Mary Poppins' bag, the one she pulls a lamp out of.

I went to a Dodger game with my dad, which I loved.

Rallying the troops to unload a U-Haul...Not the most fun task, but it's always nice to feel like we're doing something together as a team.

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