Two Weeks of Sketches

7:11 AM

Two weeks to catch up on! Here's what I've been up to:

My friends make me laugh:

I normally work at the front desk in my office, but this day I got to spend sharing someone else's office, and it was fun having someone to banter with all day.

My friends rented a bounce house for their children's birthday party, and I was peer-pressured into bouncing with the toddlers.

My friend had a lovely bridal shower, and it was at a beach house, right on the beach. Like, on the beach. Our tables were sitting in the sand. It was beautiful.

My friends and I set sail for Catalina for a week! It was so great. We went last year, too, and my friends' 7-year-old was obsessed with doing everything exactly the same as last year. She wore the same outfit, wanted to sit in the same seats, everything.

I was in Catalina to help out with a (pirate-themed) camp that my friends were directing for the week. I helped paint some decorations, but sometimes it's hard to paint things you've never really drawn before...

I was in charge of hiding hundreds of (plastic) "gold doubloons" for campers to find. At first I hid them one by one, but by the end, I was just tossing them in piles, like a jolly leprechaun.

My friend and I kept noticing someone with a tattoo of a stuffed animal sitting in a rose...we kept theorizing what the tattoo symbolized, until my friend finally asked her. And this is exactly how my friend told me about it:

On the last night of camp, there was one gold doubloon hidden in the dessert platter at each table. If you found the doubloon, you got to have SECOND DESSERT, and partake in a giant, 28-pound trough of ice cream/cake/chocolatey goodness. I found the one at our table, but it was long after the second-dessert ice cream had melted into a giant pile of goo, surrounded by way-too-stuffed jr. highers.

I was sad to leave Catalina.

My birthday was on Father's Day this year! I was happy to share the day with my dad (and my mom, who planned a birthday scavenger hunt for me around the house...we're a family that likes games and puzzles!)

Craft night with my small group!

I work at the front desk of my office, and I like when coworkers come to visit.

Part of my work day required me to watch my friends' kids for a little while, and make sure they didn't get into too much trouble. This involved a lot of bubbles, hula-hoops, and Duck, Duck, Goose.

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