My Week in Sketches

7:15 AM

I got to spend a lot of days with my mom this weekend! (My dad was gone playing in a softball tournament.) I was still feeling a little sniffly from a lingering cold, but my mom took care of that in no time.

...She's also pretty great at making sure I'm all set in the coffee department.

We watched Curb Appeal together on HGTV. It's one of our favorites.

I went to a friend's birthday BBQ, and got to meet his adorable little son for the first time.

When it's finally time for me to leave and head home, my mom always threatens to keep me for one more day. I don't mind.

Back at work! Apparently this was the most memorable moment of the day. Me sitting at my desk and watching coworkers walk by.

My coworkers and I banded together to move a bunch of boxes from one part of our office to the second floor. It was hot and stuffy and sort of miserable, but somehow it felt like a hilarious time that we got through together.

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