My Week in Sketches

7:03 AM

My friends and I carpooled in my parents' minivan to go to a friend's lake house for the weekend. It was pretty great.

It was so cute - as one little buddy "froze" me with her blaster gun, another quickly ran up and kissed me on the arm to set me free.

My friends and I played a super-nerdy board game called "King of Tokyo" (SO fun!) and at one point I drew the "clown" card and rolled exactly which dice I resulted in chanting "Clown! Clown!" I can't explain these things. It was epic and hilarious at the time.

I made it back from the lake house in time to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom (and dad.)

Back at work, we had a day where the internet kept shutting down intermittently. It was funny to see how this caused all my coworkers to aimlessly walk the halls, because we you can't get anything done without the internet.

I had some painting to do, so I put on an apron to protect my clothes. Totally normal stuff.

...Aaaaand I finally had to accept that I caught a cold. I was SO bummed to be sick!

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