My Week in Sketches

7:21 AM

 Dinner with friends. Always a win.

I had a friend spend the night last Friday, which was special because she was my first real houseguest in my new(ish) house. 

My friends got married last weekend, and it was just the best. So many fun familiar faces and excitement and joy. Some weddings you want to just go on forever.

When my friend stayed over, I blew up an air mattress in the living room for her to sleep on. I left it there for several days, because it turns out I love having a bed in my living room.

I ditched small group this week to hang out with my friends, who surprised me with a visit.

My coworker wears a watch that doesn't work, just because she likes how it looks. This sort of thing doesn't compute in my brain properly.

Talking about super-important topics with (nerdy) coworkers over lunch:

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  1. This is so great. Its always 8:05 for Beans! Love your Friday posts!

    1. Thanks! I was so happy to have you there to share in that moment. ("Wait...It's ALWAYS 8:05?!!")

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