My Week in Sketches

7:15 AM

I got to spend a lot of days with my mom this weekend! (My dad was gone playing in a softball tournament.) I was still feeling a little sniffly from a lingering cold, but my mom took care of that in no time.

...She's also pretty great at making sure I'm all set in the coffee department.

We watched Curb Appeal together on HGTV. It's one of our favorites.

I went to a friend's birthday BBQ, and got to meet his adorable little son for the first time.

When it's finally time for me to leave and head home, my mom always threatens to keep me for one more day. I don't mind.

Back at work! Apparently this was the most memorable moment of the day. Me sitting at my desk and watching coworkers walk by.

My coworkers and I banded together to move a bunch of boxes from one part of our office to the second floor. It was hot and stuffy and sort of miserable, but somehow it felt like a hilarious time that we got through together.


My Week in Sketches

7:19 AM

Oh, man. Such a fun, crazy, busy, exhausting week.
This is me with some coworkers, brainstorming potential jingles for our pastor's new radio show. (We know our ideas were terrible. We were being ironic or something.)

Our new offices got painted and new doors were installed, and everything looks so good! It's exciting to see the progress.

Sometimes I get to write on walls (especially walls that are going to be torn down soon.)

 We hosted an open house at our new offices for people to come by and see them, and it was a great day of meeting new people and sharing in the excitement of our new space.

We've been assembling a lot of office furniture lately, the highlight being one coworker in particular, who enjoys assembling ikea furniture because it makes him feel like one of Santa's elves.

 My friend taught me about the most amazing phenomenon - in La Canada, twice a year, they have "Big Trash Week." Meaning, you can leave anything on the curb and the trash service will take it away. But if you go the night before, you can look through everything and it's like hunting for treasure. Especially for someone like me, who's always looking for wood for future art projects.

 I went out to dinner with some coworkers, and had such a fun time. We talked about nicknames and movie ideas and allergies and laughed a lot along the way.


My Week in Sketches

7:03 AM

My friends and I carpooled in my parents' minivan to go to a friend's lake house for the weekend. It was pretty great.

It was so cute - as one little buddy "froze" me with her blaster gun, another quickly ran up and kissed me on the arm to set me free.

My friends and I played a super-nerdy board game called "King of Tokyo" (SO fun!) and at one point I drew the "clown" card and rolled exactly which dice I resulted in chanting "Clown! Clown!" I can't explain these things. It was epic and hilarious at the time.

I made it back from the lake house in time to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom (and dad.)

Back at work, we had a day where the internet kept shutting down intermittently. It was funny to see how this caused all my coworkers to aimlessly walk the halls, because we you can't get anything done without the internet.

I had some painting to do, so I put on an apron to protect my clothes. Totally normal stuff.

...Aaaaand I finally had to accept that I caught a cold. I was SO bummed to be sick!


My Week in Sketches

7:11 AM

Sometimes my friends' kids gang up on me. They find it amusing to lock me in imaginary jails (I swear I was innocent!)

A great friend of mine just moved back to the area, and I'm so happy about it. We played board games into the wee hours of the night while her cat watched us.

I got to visit my friend's new house, which is adorable and charming just like her.

Sometimes I take notes in meetings.

Every time I encounter a new building, I immediately want to know how to get to the roof. I don't know why, but I just love rooftops. 

My staff moved to new offices this week! It's so exciting for us. We've been saying we were going to move for a while now, so some of us were a little skeptical it was really going to happen...

I love the people I work with. Moving day was such an unexpected blast.
I was wearing a shirt with the John Lennon lyric "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one", which resulted in coworkers consistently (jokingly) asking if I was a dreamer. It was a good day.


My Week in Sketches

7:21 AM

 Dinner with friends. Always a win.

I had a friend spend the night last Friday, which was special because she was my first real houseguest in my new(ish) house. 

My friends got married last weekend, and it was just the best. So many fun familiar faces and excitement and joy. Some weddings you want to just go on forever.

When my friend stayed over, I blew up an air mattress in the living room for her to sleep on. I left it there for several days, because it turns out I love having a bed in my living room.

I ditched small group this week to hang out with my friends, who surprised me with a visit.

My coworker wears a watch that doesn't work, just because she likes how it looks. This sort of thing doesn't compute in my brain properly.

Talking about super-important topics with (nerdy) coworkers over lunch:

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