My Week in Sketches

7:11 AM

My coworkers and I got to tour our new future office together. It was so fun having all of us in there at once, with so much life within those walls!

My little 6-year-old buddy just lost one of her front teeth, and it was quite the victory.

A good friend of mine just turned 30, and I was glad I got the chance to celebrate it with her.

Our pastor overturned some tables as he was giving his sermon on was pretty intense from the second row!

My small group met in an old restaurant I'd never been to before. It had dim lighting and big booths and red leather chairs...It seemed like the mafia would eat there. Or guys smoking cigars.

My boss has been out of town for a few days, which prompts me to gleefully take over his office.

My friends invited me to lunch with a dramatic car-pulls-up-and-someone-shouts-"Get In!"-technique. Very effective.

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