My Week in Sketches

7:35 AM

Last Thursday was fun because there were only two of us in our normally-overflowing office, so I was super-productive.

I visited our future office space with our tech guys, and was happy to have their expertise at hand.

I got to play soccer on Saturday! I hadn't played in 14 years, and it felt like coming home. I've missed it so, so much!

I spent part of my weekend sanding and staining some wood that I'm hoping to make into a headboard.

My friend and I were able to acquire some wood from the bleachers that are being torn out of the Hollywood Bowl! I love the idea of making things out of it and knowing the history these planks have been through.

I like my boss a lot. He's pretty great, and I feel like we're a good team.

My friends and I went out to lunch and they tried to serve us "Fanta Cola" when we ordered Cokes...which did not go over well.

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