My Week in Sketches

7:21 AM

 One of my good friends is a bit of a tech (end everything else) expert, so the poor guy always gets cornered by me asking for advice. 

I finally got to watch part of the movie "Frozen", which I've heard so much about. It was being narrated by a four-year-old, but I didn't mind.

 I got to celebrate my wonderful friend's 30th birthday (with an equally wonderfully chocolate fountain!)

At church on Sunday, an analogy was made that required several balls of yarn to be thrown into the congregation. It made for quite a spectacle, all of us strung together.

This is when I accidentally agreed to go out dancing with friends on Saturday...which I quickly took back. Dancing at a club is pretty much my worst nightmare, no matter how fantastic the company.

I joined a soccer team this week! This is SUCH happy news in my life. I've been whining about a "soccer-shaped hole in my heart" for YEARS. And I finally found a league and a team and suddenly I have the willpower to go running!...Well, lightly jogging until I'm out of breath. Close enough.

I finally got a chance to connect with my friend who just became a new mom, and hear all about her new little baby.

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