My Week in Sketches

7:33 AM

Here's a sketchy look at my week! (It's starting off with a weird one):
I put very little thought into my jean-shopping, so when hip friends give me jean-compliments, it mainly just confuses me.

I spent the morning working on stuff with my mom delightfully closeby.

My friends and I splurged and saw two movies in one night, which was SO fun. I haven't seen many movies lately, so it was a treat to have a double-header.

My parents and I took some "selfies" together, which I treasure. We're kind of adorable.

This is me buying a cartful of yarn for work...

I got to hang out for the Hollywood Bowl for a little while last week, and it was fun being in there without many people. I've never seen it empty before.

My friends and I tried out a new place for lunch, and it turned out to be an old-school diner where almost everyone was a senior. Good food, though. We hipped up the joint.

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