My Week in Sketches

7:33 AM

This week was a good one.
It started by getting to hang out with some dear friends that I hadn't seen in a few months.

I went to the park with my friends and their kiddos, and we laughed at how kids always want to run around while we just wanted to sit on a bench for an hour. 

I hesitated about posting this because it's so weird...but it was Saturday night and I was kind of bored, so I found a rooftop to climb and had dinner up there...which feels ridiculous to admit. But it made an average night into an adventure.

The next night was far less exciting, as I spent my evening doing online traffic school.

Somehow this conversation happened:

This was a sweet moment with my coworkers earlier this week. The newest member of our team commented on how much he liked being on staff, and everybody else was quick to echo that they still like it, too. It made me happy to be a part of this team.

I got a chance to sprawl outside in the sunshine for a few minutes, which was so refreshing. I should be outside more often.

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  1. fear-of-rooftops-momMarch 14, 2014 at 6:25 PM

    just where was this rooftop?? (shades of New York)


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