My Week in Sketches

7:14 AM

My friends and I watch Survivor every season. It's a grand tradition. 

I went out to breakfast with my friend and her little boy, and happily managed not to get soaking wet despite the torrential downpour outside the restaurant.

I flew to Colorado for the weekend to visit friends! At one point while we were out to dinner, the waiter walked up while we were in the middle of an air-keyboard session...including an air-keytar that played cat sounds. You guys, I can't explain this stuff.

This is to commemorate the extreme giddiness my friend and I shared when we were told that Denver features a restaurant that bakes adorable little mini-pies.

Back at work and feeling super-productive. I like crossing things off a checklist.

My coworker was very eager to show us how Wendy's is "cool" now. It's definitely better...

..but sometimes we still go to Chipotle, despite how hip Wendy's is.

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