My Week in Sketches

7:21 AM

Getting played by my friends' four-year-old:

I like that my friends' kids call scrambled eggs "Daddy Eggs" when their dad makes them.

I finally, finally finished decorating my new place! It makes me so happy. This is a drawing of me hanging a machete on my wall...which of course makes me sound like a lunatic. But it looks so awesome. And it makes me feel a little safer living alone.

I built shelves in my workshop to hold all my spray paint cans! It's like the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

When I mentioned to my small group that I'm "kind of artsy," suddenly it was like "Craft night at Annie's place!!" Which sounds fun, except my little living room can fit, like, three people max.

I just like my coworkers so much. That's all this is.

And we go out to lunch on Wednesdays, which I look forward to every week. Good people.


My Week in Sketches

7:23 AM

I decided at the last minute to go to my parents' house last weekend. It was funny calling them to say "Hey, can I come visit right now?"

My mom and I love it when my dad gets back from a softball tournament and regales us with tales of homeruns and heroics. 

I played a game called "Hedbanz" (that spelling kills me) with my friend and her niece. We played the Disney version, which meant wearing some pretty ridiculous headgear.

Watching "Gold Rush" with my dad. I'm pretty ambivalent about this show, but there's one miner that I can't help but root for. Normally I try not to admit it.

I've been really enjoying my church small group that I joined. I look forward to Monday nights!

I've always been a PC-user, but I just recently got a Mac at work. I know I'll get used to all the differences soon, but this week has resulted in many "I can't figure out how to..." moments.

I love going out to lunch with my new staff! I'm all for coworker bonding.


My Week in Sketches

7:24 AM

My friends and I watched some of the Olympics together. My favorite sport is making fun of ice skating costumes.

I spent the night at a friend's house, and was woken up promptly at "seven-zero-zero" by an adorable 4-year-old who is starting to learn the concept of time.

My friend stopped by and saw my new house, which was still in unpacked-boxes-everywhere-shambles, but she acted like it was the cutest residence she'd ever seen.

This past Sunday was the first time attending my new church where I felt like I really ran into a lot of people I know, like I belonged.

After my small group was done meeting, one girl was trying to wrangle everyone else out of the house with funny comments for everyone else to overhear, so we didn't stay too long talking at the host's home.

I busted out my saw this week! My new neighbors got a noisy little foreshadowing of what it's going to be like living next door to me.

My friends and I had a "swap party", where we all brought a bunch of items we weren't using, but felt like they were "too nice" to just give away to Good Will. So we swapped for stuff! (And when more than one of us was interested in an item, we had to figure out how to settle the dispute...and leg-wrestling was suggested. Jr. High, anyone?)


My Week in Sketches

7:34 AM

This is me with my friend who likes to sit riiiiiiight next to me, even when the rest of the couch is empty. It's endearing.

 My roommates and I FINALLY got all moved out of our house last weekend! It's been exhausting, but I'm happy to have it behind me now.

 We had guys help move us out on the last day, and I was surprised how easily they were able to move certain heavy items. There were some serious biceps in play.

 For me, the highlight of Superbowl Sunday was unexpectedly getting to hang out with my friend, Bonnie. Friends who knew us both separately finally put it together that we were the Annie/Bonnie that the other one was always talking about.

Helping plan wedding decorations with my friend who's getting married in a few months...

My mom and dad came to visit my new house! It was great to get to show them around my new little town.

I had dinner with a friend in Pasadena, which was really fun. We had dinner at a cute little restaurant that's way hipper than I am.

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