My Week in Sketches

7:12 AM

You know how some kids are just born to be event planners?...

 My roommate and I worked really hard last weekend to get our house cleaned up and ready to finally fully move out. We were like a well-oiled machine.

My dear friends came over to help me move all my biggest, heaviest furniture. I wrote out a to-do list with the things I needed done, plus an "extra credit" section of other things I'd appreciate having them move. Thankfully, my guy friends are overachievers.

I went to a tennis class for the first time in years, and it destroyed me. I was sore for days. It was so fun, though! Once I got past the initial nausea.

 "Hush puppies" are a kind of fried cornball, I think, and we had them served to us at a work lunch this week. One coworker in particular had a hard time resisting their deliciousness. 

I don't know if anything makes me madder quicker than when the internet stops working for no reason. I go into a bit of a rage, and the router just blinks back at me like an idiot...Seriously, I can't talk about it.

...And sometimes you play leapfrog with your coworkers. You know how it is.

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