My Week in Sketches

7:17 AM

Another year of daily sketches is complete!
I like having an illustrated way of looking back at my year.
I went out to lunch with friends on the day after Christmas, at one of our favorite spots in Ventura.
We worked on last-minute baby shower details while another friend from out of town came to visit.

And on Saturday, we threw a baby shower for a dear friend of mine. It was great to see her get loaded up with baby gear, and celebrate her and her future son.

My friend and I spent an evening watching the movie "Jack Reacher" while doing a puzzle (I know, we're so hip!) We enjoyed the movie, despite some of the worst movie dialogue I've ever heard.

My friend and I had a "date night" together, which rarely happens without her husband or kids joining us. We went to dinner and to Target - where, as a mother of three, my friend wanted to savor every moment of kids-free shopping. And I was just happy to hang out with her all night.
On New Year's Eve, a few friends offered to make me an alcoholic drink "that I would like." As a general rule, I hate the taste of alcohol, but I was assured that this drink would taste "just like lemonade"...It did not. It tasted like poison gasoline lemonade. And I rang in the new year with Martenelli's in hand.
Happy new year!
May you have a delightful 2014.

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  1. I love pregnant sketches of me! :) I'm still so glad that we got to visit and have a fun baby shower together. No offense to your amazing sketching skills, but the guy next to me looks a little creepy in these. I like the real Chris better. :)

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