Nativity Blocks

7:42 AM

This is the latest artsy craft project I got to work on! It was super fun. It's a set of blocks that rotate and switch around to create most of the different characters from a nativity scene. It was designed to be a craft that families could create together, and then kids can play with them afterward. The concept is similar to "Olliblocks" available at, which is a delightful website that I recommend highly. They're super-talented. But we needed a nativity-version, so I set out to create it myself.

This was my first draft. I drew out rough sketches of what I thought they should look like.
This was the final version of each character that we printed out and glued onto blocks:

Each character would get cut into three before being stuck on. We printed them on full-sheet labels, which made it easy to get them to stick on smooth.

After the printed images were on the blocks, we modge-podged them for staying power. And to make them look shiny and finished.

Then they were done!

My favorite part is messing them around and mixing up the characters. You know, with Mary holding the shepherd's sheep and whatnot. It makes me want to create more sets. Like a Star Wars set. Or a Muppets set. Or one with the six different James Bonds...So many good options!

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