My Week in Sketches

7:17 AM

Last Thursday, my work sent out an all-staff email announcing my resignation, which was a bittersweet moment after working there for so many years...and Thursday was also my friends' white elephant gift exchange, which definitely ended the day on a high note.

 On Friday I drove through Monrovia, the town that I'll be working in and maybe living. I was so happy driving through all the cute little neighborhoods!
*In real life, I always wear my seat belt and, you know, my car actually has seats.

 The next day my parents and I went out to lunch with my aunts and uncles. It was funny being the only "kid" there, but it was great to catch up with our relatives.

My mom and I braved the mall on the weekend before Christmas, and had a miraculously-easy time getting in and out of the store. A front-row parking spot opened up, there was no line at the register, and it all went as smoothly as possible. We get excited about these things. 

 My mom and I went to lunch with my first grade teacher (who we're still friends with), along with the mother of my best friend from first grade. What can I say, I made some lasting friendships when I was six.

 On Christmas Eve, I got to see two of my very dear friends who drove down from Idaho to visit! I got to see my friend's super-pregnant tummy for the first time.

 My favorite part of Christmas is always spending the morning with my mom and dad. I got a new drill (and we always joke about how it's funny that I get more excited about power tools than my dad does...)

Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas season! I've certainly enjoyed mine.

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