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This is a stretch, I know. I wanted to see if I could combine the Beatles and the Peanuts characters. And I sort of did. Like, with an asterisk. Barely. I'm not sure they're even recognizable as the Beatles. I couldn't figure out what outfits they should have! I was going to go with the bright Sgt. Pepper colored uniforms, but I felt the need to strive for some accuracy and during Sgt. Pepper they all have the same amount of hair and there'd be no way to distinguish between them. Not that this is much better. I'm not sure if it's the Beatles or the Peanuts characters that should be more offended. I mean, John's based off Marcy, for pete's sake. This was not a natural fit for anyone. But I had fun, and I suppose that's all I was after (for the record, it's meant to be George, Ringo, Paul, and John from left to right.)

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  1. Ringo and Linus actually look a little alike....who knew?


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