My Week in Sketches

7:29 AM

I dined with some coworkers in costumes on Halloween...
I've discovered that the key to getting me to exercise is to let me watch TV while I'm doing it. 
 I started writing a novel. So silly to admit out loud. I'm sure I'll never finish it. But gosh I love working on it. I think it's so, so fun to dream up. Everyone should be forced to write one novel in their lifetime just as some sort of creative exercise.
 This is me babysitting my friends' daughters and having them describe Belt, their favorite character from the movie "The Croods." 
I got to meet my friends' sweet new little baby, Everett. 
Sooo...confession...I've never really understood the purpose of daylight saving's time. Because I've never woken up early enough in the day to reap the benefit of it. But since I've been waking up early in recent months, and it's been dark outside...I finally understand why daylight savings exists. 
I visited my friend who was staying in a luxury hotel nearby for a teacher's conference. She assured me this was not a normal occurrence, but I still spent the evening making jokes about how I should have gone into teaching for the money.

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