My Week in Sketches

7:20 AM

A bunch of my friends came over to my house last Thursday. I rarely "host" big things at my house, so it was fun to see my living room packed with people.

 I'm working on some stage design at work, which involved me loading some giant wooden triangles into my car.

 My roommate and I went to see a movie together Saturday night...

My roommates and I stayed at a hotel for a night, just as a fun getaway. It was a nice hotel...So nice that there was complementary champagne at the front desk. I don't drink, but I still thought that was pretty baller.
 (Just kidding, I don't use words like "baller," either.)

One night wasn't enough at the hotel. We were sad to leave the next day.

Some friends invited me to a game night, where we played "telepictionary" for hours. Sometimes it requires you to write/draw ridiculous phrases/pictures. 

And I'm excited about another project I get to build at work...I love anything that lets me be creative! 

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