Bus Buddies

7:52 AM

I'm not very proud of this drawing, but I still think it's a little funny. I drew this when I was about 10 or 11, after I had ridden the bus with some kids from my youth group up to summer camp. I clearly had a bad attitude about my busmates (as I recall, my friend Mindy and I were stuck sitting next to a bunch of "gross" boys and I didn't like it...) So I drew them as I remembered them acting. Like a passive-aggressive form of revenge. The boy with the yellow skin must have been acting like a snob, the monkey-boy was causing mischief...and I think the one in red is holding a trident, like I was maaaaaybe trying to imply he's the devil. Not cool. Next to him was someone I must have thought was some sort of juvenile delinquent (with smelly feet, apparently), and next to me was a boy reading Mad Magazine, which I certainly didn't approve of as a sweet little sheltered 11-year-old. I (clearly) gave it a thumbs down. And poor Mindy...she got carsick, hence the green face. Worst bus ride ever (okay, okay, it probably wasn't really that bad.) Fortunately, summer camp is the best remedy for everything, and I'm sure my day got better immediately after this drawing was inspired. 

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