My Week in Sketches

7:19 AM

I had dinner with friends last Thursday, including one particularly chatty four-year-old. It's adorable. I'm pretty sure she was speaking full sentences the day she was born.

This is why I don't offer to babysit more often. This exact interaction actually happened.
 (It was a plastic knife, but still...)

Last weekend I was a little overwhelmed because I had to pack for a work staff retreat, a visit to my parents' house, and a trip to a friend's lake house, all at once. I made lots of checklists.

Before my work's staff retreat really kicked off, I got to finalize some stage design that I'd been working on. It was nice to see it all come together.

Our retreat was catered by a local Mexican restaurant, and it became a running gag that we had Mexican food for every meal, including breakfast. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! It was delicious and I'd be okay if we served only-Mexican-food from here on out.

The retreat ended with us all gathered in an outside amphitheater, and once we were dismissed, I scurried up the top and into the forest towards where my car was parked. I was excited to rush home and see my mom and dad!

...And once I was at my parents' house, I started working on our family Christmas card.
Then we celebrated Thanksgiving! Definitely a fun week.

No Place Like Camp

7:11 AM

I've drawn this phrase before, but felt like revisiting it again. 
I like summer camp. A lot. Any kind of camp, really.
You might even say I'm thankful for camp...

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! Go eat some turkey.

Draw Near

7:10 AM

I know this is totally cheeseballz, but whenever I see the phrase "Draw near to me" in the Bible, this is what I'm picturing.

Scarfy Stationery

7:28 AM

This is a simple stationery design I created for work recently. Since it's sort-of-wintertime, and legitimately cold in the mountains, I thought it warranted a scarf. I like that it's a little bit different than normal stationery, but it's still super-simple.  

For Ever.

7:42 AM

My friends just adopted a little baby boy named Everett! And they always said that if they had a boy named Everett, they would call him "Ever" for short. So when I came across this Bible verse, I thought it was pretty darned perfect. Just like him!


My Week in Sketches

7:28 AM

  After dinner with friends last week, I volunteered to help with the dishes, but then I traded for dress-up-clothes-clean-up-duty. I thought it was a great deal until my friend who traded me started acting guilty, as if he'd swindled me into something horrible.
 (Don't ask me how stuff like this makes it into my sketch journal.)

 I went to my parents' house for the weekend, and had fun looking through some old photo albums with my mom.

 One of my favorite parts about staying at my parents' house is coffee time with my mom in the morning.

 My dad was out of town for the weekend, which resulted in lots of "girl time" with my mom. I ate it up.

 Then Dad came home, the same evening that I had to head back. We only saw each other briefly.

 At work, my team and I began the daunting task of decorating a room using pieces of poster board... 

My friends and I celebrated a new little baby boy at our friend's baby shower. 
Definitely something (and someone) to celebrate!


7:20 AM

I don't draw cars. Hardly ever. I've never considered that one of my "strong suits." But yesterday I found myself wanting to do a line drawing of something, anything, and I stumbled across a picture of an old Jeep. So I drew it. Aaaaaand the whole thing was like pulling teeth. I wanted to quit about three ink-strokes in. I just don't enjoy drawing cars. So be it. But at least I give it a shot every now and then. It's like how my mom used to make me try broccoli once a year to see if I liked it. Nope.
I'll draw another car next year.



7:17 AM

I had so much fun last week drawing objects for the letters of "Explore More," I decided I wanted to draw out more words. So I started with an easy one: CAMP. At least, I thought it would be easy ('cause it's short.) But I had a hard time coming up with summer-camp-like objects to represent each letter. It was slim pickens (and very brown, apparently.) Rope. Wood. S'Mores. Archery...and a bug. That sums up camp, right?! All the essentials.


7:20 AM

So, I've been writing, writing fiction. For fun. It's therapeutic. And sometimes I draw out some of the characters just so I can picture them better in my mind. These are some of my hypothetical characters, who just climbed up a water tower. I always wish I could climb every water tower I see, so I of course wrote it into my characters' plotlines. There's always at least a little bit of me written into my characters (which probably explains why the main protagonist always carries a sketchbook in her purse...)


Bus Buddies

7:52 AM

I'm not very proud of this drawing, but I still think it's a little funny. I drew this when I was about 10 or 11, after I had ridden the bus with some kids from my youth group up to summer camp. I clearly had a bad attitude about my busmates (as I recall, my friend Mindy and I were stuck sitting next to a bunch of "gross" boys and I didn't like it...) So I drew them as I remembered them acting. Like a passive-aggressive form of revenge. The boy with the yellow skin must have been acting like a snob, the monkey-boy was causing mischief...and I think the one in red is holding a trident, like I was maaaaaybe trying to imply he's the devil. Not cool. Next to him was someone I must have thought was some sort of juvenile delinquent (with smelly feet, apparently), and next to me was a boy reading Mad Magazine, which I certainly didn't approve of as a sweet little sheltered 11-year-old. I (clearly) gave it a thumbs down. And poor Mindy...she got carsick, hence the green face. Worst bus ride ever (okay, okay, it probably wasn't really that bad.) Fortunately, summer camp is the best remedy for everything, and I'm sure my day got better immediately after this drawing was inspired. 


My Week in Sketches

7:20 AM

A bunch of my friends came over to my house last Thursday. I rarely "host" big things at my house, so it was fun to see my living room packed with people.

 I'm working on some stage design at work, which involved me loading some giant wooden triangles into my car.

 My roommate and I went to see a movie together Saturday night...

My roommates and I stayed at a hotel for a night, just as a fun getaway. It was a nice hotel...So nice that there was complementary champagne at the front desk. I don't drink, but I still thought that was pretty baller.
 (Just kidding, I don't use words like "baller," either.)

One night wasn't enough at the hotel. We were sad to leave the next day.

Some friends invited me to a game night, where we played "telepictionary" for hours. Sometimes it requires you to write/draw ridiculous phrases/pictures. 

And I'm excited about another project I get to build at work...I love anything that lets me be creative! 


7:12 AM

Last drawing of what turned out to be more of a series than I originally planned.
Explore more!

Still Exploring.

7:14 AM

Still on my "Explore More" kick! 
Just felt like this tyke represents the little adventurer in all of us.


Keep Exploring

7:28 AM

Still on my "Explore More" kick. I like that phrase. I want to do more with it. So, for now, we have this. I don't know who would actually carve this phrase into a tree...but it's what I felt like drawing, as if exploring is some great love affair. I mean, it sort of is, right? I'm in love with exploring, and I don't care who knows it.


Explore More

7:30 AM

Ahhh, exploring. We all need to do a little more exploring. And adventuring.
I like the look of how this came out, though I admit I was a bit desperate for ideas near the end. There are three E's in this phrase? E's might just be the hardest-shaped letter to come up with things for. Let's just pretend that graham crackers are the official snack of "exploring" and move on. And don't mind the fact that dandelions are the same height as a flagpole. It's not important. I drew out the L, upper O, and R first, and thought it was going really well...until I realized I couldn't think of anything else that was "explorey" and could be drawn into letter-shapes. The book/magnifying glass worked alright, but then I had to get a little extra-creative. Explore snakes! Explore near flags! Eat a graham cracker while you're doing it! Dig up some bones! You get the idea. The lower-O porthole might actually be my least favorite because I don't think it's super-clear what it's supposed to be. But, all that being said, once I zoom out and look at the letters as a whole, I like it. It seems cheerful. And I'm a big supporter of exploring.


My Week in Sketches

7:29 AM

I dined with some coworkers in costumes on Halloween...
I've discovered that the key to getting me to exercise is to let me watch TV while I'm doing it. 
 I started writing a novel. So silly to admit out loud. I'm sure I'll never finish it. But gosh I love working on it. I think it's so, so fun to dream up. Everyone should be forced to write one novel in their lifetime just as some sort of creative exercise.
 This is me babysitting my friends' daughters and having them describe Belt, their favorite character from the movie "The Croods." 
I got to meet my friends' sweet new little baby, Everett. 
Sooo...confession...I've never really understood the purpose of daylight saving's time. Because I've never woken up early enough in the day to reap the benefit of it. But since I've been waking up early in recent months, and it's been dark outside...I finally understand why daylight savings exists. 
I visited my friend who was staying in a luxury hotel nearby for a teacher's conference. She assured me this was not a normal occurrence, but I still spent the evening making jokes about how I should have gone into teaching for the money.

Dream Bigger

7:38 AM

The idea for this actually came to me as I was lying awake at night replaying a scene of Downton Abbey and mentally rewriting it how I would have written it if I were the director...and it made me wonder how much people normally daydream. Because I'm daydreaming about make-believe stuff like 40% of the time. I'm curious how normal that is. I know part of it's my life-stage, that I don't have kids and whatnot...but I think I'm just a dreamer. I'll always be a dreamer. Wait, that makes me sound like a hippie, which I am not. Some of us just dream a little more than others.

B is for Bert

7:26 AM

For some reason, this Bert really creeps me out. I'm not sure if it's because I drew him wrong, or because he's not in color, or if he's just always kind of creepy-looking and I didn't notice before. Either way, if I saw this guy walking towards me on a street, I'd turn and go in the other direction.

Burgundy's Back.

7:38 AM

This is Ron Burgundy. Anchorman. Ladies' Man. Bear-Wrestler.
I CANNOT WAIT for Anchorman 2 to come out next month! Although, truthfully, I'm more excited for six months from now when it comes out on DVD, and I'll be able to watch and rewatch it over and over again until I've memorized all the lines. Anchorman is just so quotable in day-to-day life. I decided to try to draw Ron Burgundy as a sort of sketchy tribute to the impending movie, and this is what I came up with. Just a classy guy, staying classy.


Love Letters

7:28 AM

I finished this guy! Feeling good about it.
It's pretty simple and straightforward, but it's still a bit outside my wheelhouse, so I'm happy to have completed it at all! It's a little pathetic how much time it took me to draw this. Hours and hours and hours! But that's the fun part, eh? It's about the journey, not the destination? Just kidding. I don't spout off quotes like that. I just always like to have a sketch in progress. Now on to something else!


My Week in Sketches

7:23 AM

Just a casual Thursday night, watching "Survivor" at my friends' house while cutting out a large stencil...
 This is was all my recent stencil-cutting has been about! I got to spray paint a large art mural for a church, and it was such a cool project. I like projects that push me and challenge me and make me feel proud at the end.
 The internet lied to me and said that mayonnaise was a good home remedy to remove spray paint from skin. Maybe it works for some people, or maybe I was just coated with too much spray paint, but it did NOT work. And then my arms smelled like mayonnaise.
I went to my friends' wedding, and it was so great. Few weddings make me wish that they would go a few hours longer, but I couldn't get enough of this one! So many old friends and new friends, all celebrating two wonderful people who love each other very, very much.
I went to a gym for the first time in a long time, and felt completely self-conscious as I tried to use an elliptical machine for the first time ever. I kept peeking at the lady next to me to see what her settings were.
 This is me after successfully rigging our TV so my roommates and I could watch season 4 of Downton Abbey together. I know this probably seems like I'm exaggerating a little, but I really did throw my hands in the air, shout "Victory!" and we all gave high-fives. Downton Abbey is THE BEST.
 My roommate and I went out for dinner. We had tacos. Good conversation. Then we saw the movie "Captain Phillips," which was two straight hours of pure anxiety.
And that was my week! It was a good one.

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