Star Wars Blues

7:40 AM

Yup. I'm still at it. Drawing Star Wars characters in different cartoon styles is my official hobby for October. Or maybe all of fall/winter. We'll see. I'm just going to keep going until I get tired of it. And to be honest, today's drawing was a bit of a stretch. It's the characters from the comic strip "Baby Blues," but somehow I feel like this is still a drawing of the Baby Blues clan, just in Star Wars opposed to Star Wars characters drawn in the style of Baby Blues. Maybe there's no difference. But still, drawing a furry little Hammy felt weird. I kind of forced this one because I wanted to pay homage to Baby Blues, as it's one of very few comic strips that I actually find amusing on a regular basis. They've earned the shout-out. My weird little ewok-ridden Yoda-quoting shout-out.

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