My Week in Sketches

7:32 AM

Dinner with my friends and their kids. Their millions of kids. They outnumber the adults.
 Last weekend I flew out to Colorado to visit my friend, Angela. It was SO fun. We went out to dinner that first night and ordered the same thing, which became a running joke as we found ourselves ordering the same thing at every single meal.
 We went out for coffee and spent our mornings chatting in the crisp, cool air surrounded by bright red autumn trees.
 And we toured lots of model homes. Because we both love it. Maybe that's weird, but it's one of our favorite things to do together. (I was particularly impressed by a house that had picture frames on a track so they could slide to hide the TV over the fireplace.)
 Back at home, I've spent every evening this week working on cutting stencils for a mural I'm painting this weekend. I know I'm being a little dramatic with the "hand cramp" bit, but seriously...I'm sitting on a heating pad as I type this because I'm so sore from cutting stencils.
 One of my coworkers was gone all last week and I missed her. And I'm glad she's back.
And I decided she's not allowed to leave any more.
I had lunch with a friend and her adorable baby in the seedy Mexican restaurant up the street from work, which was definitely the highlight of my day.

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