My Week in Sketches

7:31 AM

My friends are adopting a little boy! They've been in the process of trying to adopt, but the news came much sooner than any of us expected, and I can hardly wait to meet him.
 Whenever I go to the dentist, I feel like a kid again when I go home and my parents ask how it went. It's like I'm 12 and bringing home a report card. I was happy to report that my teeth are in good shape.
My friend and I went to a swanky new theater with reclining chairs. IT. WAS. INCREDIBLE. We saw Gravity in 3D, and it was just the best, most beautiful viewing experience I could imagine. Man. And now watching movies in normal theaters will never quite be satisfying.
Working on a beast of an art project at my parents' house...You'll see.
As I may have mentioned before, my parents and I play Rummikub together at dinner whenever I'm staying with them. We've been doing it since I was ten. We're gamers. And a few years ago, my father (who's a statistician by trade) started keeping a running score. This week, my dad took the lead in the 2013 games.
I worked on my first woodworking project in a while...I ended up being a lot more frustrated than I look here.
 Every now and then, never often enough, I stop to enjoy how beautiful it is where I work.

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