My Week in Sketches

7:34 AM

My friends and I had our semi-annual photo shoot of all their kids last Thursday. The theme was "hipster", which was hilarious watching 15 kids running around in sort-of-grown-up clothing. 
A group of my friends and I went to see a concert together, but my car arrived first, so two of us were "tailgating" on our own for a while. It was just funny, two of us sitting in a parking lot in lawn chairs eating food out of the back of my SUV for like an hour...It wasn't half bad.
On Saturday I got to have lunch with two of my friends and former coworkers, and it was just the best. Just like old times.
 Lunch with other friends after church on Sunday...
My roommates and I have the hardest time trying to find days when we're all free. Our schedules are always oppostie of each other. 
I presented some ideas to these guys who hired me for a big, fun art project that I'm excited to see unfold...and it was cool to have a "pitch meeting," so to speak, since I rarely take on freelance gigs. This is all still new to me.
My roommate excitedly ran into my room to tell me she'd been "budgeted," which is apprently the term her coworkers use when someone gets the night off. We were both very excited that we actually got to hang out for a little bit.
Good week. Definitely a good week.

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