My Week in Sketches

7:37 AM

My mom and I had a girl's weekend while my dad was out of town, so we watched one of our favorite old movies: Condorman! It's a ridiculous movie that we used to watch when I was younger, and it was so fun to bust out the VHS and see it again. ("Coming through!" is a line from the movie that we always quote to each other.)
 I hung out with my friend and her little niece, who likes to make art requests when I'm over.
 My mom and I are kind of ridiculous like this. It's the closest we come to fighting.
 ...And she made sure to send me home with groceries in tow. Always appreciated.
 It was nice to be back in the office after almost two weeks away. It was a busy, bustling kind of day.
 Game night with my friends. We're pretty indecisive, so one of us had to take charge.

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