Mutant Babies

7:28 AM

This is the greatest idea I've ever come up with. They need to make a Saturday morning cartoon called "Mutant Babies," like "Muppet Babies," but it's X-Men. Come on! That's the greatest thing I can imagine. Remember Baby Looney Toons? So much better than normal-sized-and-aged-Looney-Toons! And I always loved the Muppet Babies more than the normal Muppets. Cute little Scooter!...I wanted to keep him in my pocket and carry him around with me all day. Metaphorically. Because he was so cute. Anyway, today the thought occurred to me that little baby X-Men would be pretty adorable. So I drew a little toddler Gambit, just playing with his kinetic energy and having a good ol' time. More to come. I'm enjoying this too much to stop here.

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  1. did you know this is a movie coming out? not like they will be babies, but its mutants as teens and stuff. i LOVE this idea and i request more and more and more examples :)

  2. I had a comic book when was younger, x-babies! It was fantastic! I wish i still had it, but i suggest trying to find it for "references".


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