Bear Much Fruit

7:24 AM

At work recently I've been given the task of drawing out some Bible verses artistically, as a sort of exercise. I like any opportunity to do anything artistically, but I've found myself struggling with how to go about it. I can pick any art medium I choose, and there are lots of verses to choose from...but it's so open-ended, I find myself a little overwhelmed and under-inspired by the task. I prefer to have some sort of inspired vision before I start an art project, but so far, the inspiration hasn't come. And drawing something when I'm uninspired is not my favorite activity. I end up frustrated. So I decided I should start small and simple, and consider it a sort of personal discipline. And maybe it will become more natural with time.
Oh, and I even messed up the verse. It's supposed to be "yourselves." 
This is not my favorite. I'll work on it. Sigh.

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  1. I like it. (you know who)

  2. I know what you mean. Like right now. Im completly uninspired but I want to draw. I usually re-draw something Iv done before that i didnt like and try to improve it. that usually leads me to new ideas and being inspired. Doesn't always work, when it doesn't work, I have the internet. which brought me here. looking at your work. believe it or not. Your page inspires me. ;)


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