7:46 AM

I know, I know, I don't normally post photos on my blog...but here we go. I just love this picture. It's kind of grainy and the lighting's not perfect, but I love the old type blocks! I found them in an antique store in Colorado and I just had to rearrange them into a word...and it was an "adventure" kind of day. I like that, if I ever put this up in my house, it's kind of artsy but it will also bring back memories of a fun day in Colorado. 

The funny part is that there wasn't a "D" block, so I actually just used a "C" as a sort of placeholder, then photoshopped it into a "D" when I got home. But the "before" picture still makes me giggle. Acventure!!

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  1. The "N" also looks a bit like a "Z", too..


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