Skellington Soccer

7:29 AM

I was trying to think of something Halloweeny for today, and when I think of Halloween, one of the first things that pops into my head is "The Nightmare Before Christmas." I loved that movie as a kid! The claymation is so good and the music is phenomenal and I just loved the imagination of it all. When I was younger, I especially loved the three mischievous trick-or-treaters Lock, Shock, and Barrel. So I thought it would be appropriate if I drew them getting into mischief yet again...starting a game of soccer with Jack's head! If you haven't seen this movie and I'm making it sound gory, it's not. It's the best. Seriously, go buy the soundtrack.

Happy Halloween!


Mutant Babies

7:28 AM

This is the greatest idea I've ever come up with. They need to make a Saturday morning cartoon called "Mutant Babies," like "Muppet Babies," but it's X-Men. Come on! That's the greatest thing I can imagine. Remember Baby Looney Toons? So much better than normal-sized-and-aged-Looney-Toons! And I always loved the Muppet Babies more than the normal Muppets. Cute little Scooter!...I wanted to keep him in my pocket and carry him around with me all day. Metaphorically. Because he was so cute. Anyway, today the thought occurred to me that little baby X-Men would be pretty adorable. So I drew a little toddler Gambit, just playing with his kinetic energy and having a good ol' time. More to come. I'm enjoying this too much to stop here.


Words in Progress

7:15 AM

This is still a work in progress, but I like how this guy's coming together. Hand lettering doesn't come very naturally to me, so I'm encouraged when I manage to pull it off at all. I want to change the letters of "loved", fatten up the "you" a bit, and maybe rework the "I"...but it's a decent start. I think it's more cohesive than my lettering usually feels, so I'm happy about that. Hopefully I'll have the finished product soon!


Stencil Birds

7:25 AM

This past weekend, I got to work on a big artsy video project that involved me spray-painting several large stencils. At the end of the project, I got to keep whatever stencils I wanted, and I suddenly had the urge to stencil something in my room! I'm going to be moving out in a few months, and my landlord is requiring me to repaint my walls before I move out, I threw up some birds on my wall. Just painted them right on there. It'll only be for a few months, so I didn't have to stress too much about it. I felt pretty tough and rebellious spray-painting my bedroom wall (this is about as "rebellious" as I get.) So now, this is the view above my desk:
And I definitely enjoy my new bird friends. Makes me want to stencil more...


My Week in Sketches

7:32 AM

Dinner with my friends and their kids. Their millions of kids. They outnumber the adults.
 Last weekend I flew out to Colorado to visit my friend, Angela. It was SO fun. We went out to dinner that first night and ordered the same thing, which became a running joke as we found ourselves ordering the same thing at every single meal.
 We went out for coffee and spent our mornings chatting in the crisp, cool air surrounded by bright red autumn trees.
 And we toured lots of model homes. Because we both love it. Maybe that's weird, but it's one of our favorite things to do together. (I was particularly impressed by a house that had picture frames on a track so they could slide to hide the TV over the fireplace.)
 Back at home, I've spent every evening this week working on cutting stencils for a mural I'm painting this weekend. I know I'm being a little dramatic with the "hand cramp" bit, but seriously...I'm sitting on a heating pad as I type this because I'm so sore from cutting stencils.
 One of my coworkers was gone all last week and I missed her. And I'm glad she's back.
And I decided she's not allowed to leave any more.
I had lunch with a friend and her adorable baby in the seedy Mexican restaurant up the street from work, which was definitely the highlight of my day.


The Flintstars

7:31 AM

A long, long, looooooong time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Yup, still spending all my free time drawing Star Wars characters in different cartoon styles. I like this one. It makes me happy for some reason. I think it's just nice to see the Star Wars gang looking so cheerful, without any storm troopers in sight. I guess the Flintstones are a pretty cheerful bunch. This is what it might be like if Hanna Barbera ever made a Star Wars cartoon. That's something I'd definitely watch.



7:40 AM

Just a little word-doodle I was working on...Practicing my lettering!
I think the "W" is off a little somehow, but in general I like the swirlies and whatnot. 
Don't know why I chose the word "wisdom." 
Probably just trying to sound contemplative and deep. You know, like I always do.


7:46 AM

I know, I know, I don't normally post photos on my blog...but here we go. I just love this picture. It's kind of grainy and the lighting's not perfect, but I love the old type blocks! I found them in an antique store in Colorado and I just had to rearrange them into a word...and it was an "adventure" kind of day. I like that, if I ever put this up in my house, it's kind of artsy but it will also bring back memories of a fun day in Colorado. 

The funny part is that there wasn't a "D" block, so I actually just used a "C" as a sort of placeholder, then photoshopped it into a "D" when I got home. But the "before" picture still makes me giggle. Acventure!!

Hope in Hand

7:28 AM

This is a pretty rough version of this drawing (I took a picture of it with my phone rather than scanning it like I normally do) - mainly because I was hastily working on this blog post with bleary eyes last night in the Denver airport after visiting a friend...a friend with whom I talked about lots of hopeful things, making today's sketch feel rather appropriately timed.


My Week in Sketches

7:31 AM

My friends are adopting a little boy! They've been in the process of trying to adopt, but the news came much sooner than any of us expected, and I can hardly wait to meet him.
 Whenever I go to the dentist, I feel like a kid again when I go home and my parents ask how it went. It's like I'm 12 and bringing home a report card. I was happy to report that my teeth are in good shape.
My friend and I went to a swanky new theater with reclining chairs. IT. WAS. INCREDIBLE. We saw Gravity in 3D, and it was just the best, most beautiful viewing experience I could imagine. Man. And now watching movies in normal theaters will never quite be satisfying.
Working on a beast of an art project at my parents' house...You'll see.
As I may have mentioned before, my parents and I play Rummikub together at dinner whenever I'm staying with them. We've been doing it since I was ten. We're gamers. And a few years ago, my father (who's a statistician by trade) started keeping a running score. This week, my dad took the lead in the 2013 games.
I worked on my first woodworking project in a while...I ended up being a lot more frustrated than I look here.
 Every now and then, never often enough, I stop to enjoy how beautiful it is where I work.


Sketchy Treehouse

7:29 AM

Just dreaming of my own little getaway...
It's equipped with HGTV, Boggle, and an icee machine inside. Pretty dope.

Ants on Parade

7:33 AM

 I felt like drawing ants today. Like, I sat down with my sketchbook and excitedly thought "I know! ANTS! I'll draw ants!" And it seemed totally fun. I haven't drawn ants in a while. I think I was just excited about how easy ants are to draw, since they're insects and no one really knows what they look like up close. Do they have six legs? Eight? Four? Don't know, doesn't matter. No one's counting my ant legs. And it's hard to mess up the coloring when it' Just solid black, no shading, no texture...just black. And today I was in the mood to draw something easy. Like ants carrying a fork. It happens.


Bear Much Fruit

7:24 AM

At work recently I've been given the task of drawing out some Bible verses artistically, as a sort of exercise. I like any opportunity to do anything artistically, but I've found myself struggling with how to go about it. I can pick any art medium I choose, and there are lots of verses to choose from...but it's so open-ended, I find myself a little overwhelmed and under-inspired by the task. I prefer to have some sort of inspired vision before I start an art project, but so far, the inspiration hasn't come. And drawing something when I'm uninspired is not my favorite activity. I end up frustrated. So I decided I should start small and simple, and consider it a sort of personal discipline. And maybe it will become more natural with time.
Oh, and I even messed up the verse. It's supposed to be "yourselves." 
This is not my favorite. I'll work on it. Sigh.


No Place Like Camp

7:29 AM

Because I love summer camp.
More than most things.

Still working on my hand lettering, and thought this would be some good practice.
Oddly enough, I drew out "place" first, then "no", then "camp", then "like", and then "There's" last. 
Seemed like an odd order to do things in...but it got the job done!


My Week in Sketches

7:34 AM

My friends and I had our semi-annual photo shoot of all their kids last Thursday. The theme was "hipster", which was hilarious watching 15 kids running around in sort-of-grown-up clothing. 
A group of my friends and I went to see a concert together, but my car arrived first, so two of us were "tailgating" on our own for a while. It was just funny, two of us sitting in a parking lot in lawn chairs eating food out of the back of my SUV for like an hour...It wasn't half bad.
On Saturday I got to have lunch with two of my friends and former coworkers, and it was just the best. Just like old times.
 Lunch with other friends after church on Sunday...
My roommates and I have the hardest time trying to find days when we're all free. Our schedules are always oppostie of each other. 
I presented some ideas to these guys who hired me for a big, fun art project that I'm excited to see unfold...and it was cool to have a "pitch meeting," so to speak, since I rarely take on freelance gigs. This is all still new to me.
My roommate excitedly ran into my room to tell me she'd been "budgeted," which is apprently the term her coworkers use when someone gets the night off. We were both very excited that we actually got to hang out for a little bit.
Good week. Definitely a good week.


Star Wars Blues

7:40 AM

Yup. I'm still at it. Drawing Star Wars characters in different cartoon styles is my official hobby for October. Or maybe all of fall/winter. We'll see. I'm just going to keep going until I get tired of it. And to be honest, today's drawing was a bit of a stretch. It's the characters from the comic strip "Baby Blues," but somehow I feel like this is still a drawing of the Baby Blues clan, just in Star Wars opposed to Star Wars characters drawn in the style of Baby Blues. Maybe there's no difference. But still, drawing a furry little Hammy felt weird. I kind of forced this one because I wanted to pay homage to Baby Blues, as it's one of very few comic strips that I actually find amusing on a regular basis. They've earned the shout-out. My weird little ewok-ridden Yoda-quoting shout-out.


7:30 AM

In fifth grade, I was really into mazes. We all were. It was somehow "cool" to draw mazes for each other, trying to come up with creative shapes or really tricky, difficult ones that were hard to solve. Any time the teacher wasn't looking, I was sketching out another maze, this one in the shape of a carrot or llama or something. I felt like a kid again when I drew this magician, and then decided he should have a maze hat. Because of course he should have a maze hat! All magicians should have maze hats. It felt like my inner ten-year-old self was giving me a high five.



7:24 AM

This is what it's like when I talk to God sometimes. Just a liiiiiittle on the impatient side...


Char(lie) Trek

7:21 AM

I'm still on my kick of drawing cartoon characters as other things (like when the Charlie Brown gang was Star Wars a few weeks ago...) I'm not sure if Linus really has the personality to be Kirk, but I liked the vision of Spock with the big, round Charlie Brown head. And yes, I know "Good Grief" was Charlie Brown's catchphrase, not Linus's, but I wasn't really worried about real-life-accuracy when I drew this. I'm drawing Star Trek characters as Peanuts cartoons. I think I can let a few things slide.


My Week in Sketches

7:37 AM

My mom and I had a girl's weekend while my dad was out of town, so we watched one of our favorite old movies: Condorman! It's a ridiculous movie that we used to watch when I was younger, and it was so fun to bust out the VHS and see it again. ("Coming through!" is a line from the movie that we always quote to each other.)
 I hung out with my friend and her little niece, who likes to make art requests when I'm over.
 My mom and I are kind of ridiculous like this. It's the closest we come to fighting.
 ...And she made sure to send me home with groceries in tow. Always appreciated.
 It was nice to be back in the office after almost two weeks away. It was a busy, bustling kind of day.
 Game night with my friends. We're pretty indecisive, so one of us had to take charge.


Whiteboard Weekday

7:42 AM

It finally happened. I have a white board in my office! I knew this day would come. For as long as I can remember, whenever I'm left alone in a room with a white board, I have to draw on it. Drawing on them is so smooth and much bigger than normal paper and so much gentler than a chalkboard. And now I have one that sits four feet away from me. All. Day. Long. So naturally I started doodling.

I started with the phrase "Happy Camper," a personal mantra, and added a few woodland creatures.
By the end it was a mish-mash of lots of random little doodles (oh, and I am what was established in 1982, if you're wondering.) But that's what doodles are - random. I removed a few things as I went along, but for the most part I just kept adding until it felt full enough. And I might have to make this a regular habit, now that the opportunity is going to be presenting itself on a daily basis...


Gar(field) Wars

7:34 AM

What can I say? I know what I like. And I like drawing different cartoon characters as Star Wars characters. Mainly, Han Solo and then anybody else. I should get Boba Fett in here, too. It's funny, I think this blog could actually be hugely successful if I just always drew Star Wars characters in different cartoon drawing styles...that should totally be my new business model. (And by "business," I mean hobby. My new hobby model.)


Han & Hobbes

7:43 AM

I could happily spend the rest of my life drawing other cartoon characters into Star Wars characters. It's the best. I still want to credit James Hance for thinking of this first. His Star-Wars-meets-Winnie-the-Pooh has inspired several of my own cartoon crossovers, and it remains one of my favorite things to draw - combining two of any beloved cartoons/movies/comics. In this case, it seems Calvin and Hobbes have crossed over to the world of Star Wars, much to my delight.

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