Still Chiller Whale

7:35 AM

This is a sequel to an earlier blog post from last week. My friends and I now mockingly say things are "chiller whale" to express when things are cool or "hip", so I've been having fun drawing what chiller whales look like. In my whale sketch last week, I drew what I think of as the classic "whale shape." Then, the more I thought about it (because apparently I spend lots of time thinking about whale shapes), I realized that the "chiller whale" ought to be a killer whale, but "chill." And I'd drawn a humpback whale or something. So this is an updated version with a chiller killer whale. Seems more appropriate. He seems pretty chill. Although it also kind of looks like a dolphin, and less whaley...but more accurate in the killer/chiller wordplay, so I'm satisfied.

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  1. My DJ name is Chiller Whale, so I stole this :P

    Please don't sue me <3

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