Stained Tulips

7:23 AM

This is the story of an art project gone wrong.
It started with two tulips that I drew on a piece of wood.
I added some shadowing with gray markers and I was very pleased with how it was turning out.

Then I added some green watercolor to the leafy parts. The green spread a lot more than I anticipated, but I wasn't too worried because I was fairly certain that wood stain would cover it up in the leaky areas (when really, I should have seen this as ominous foreshadowing...)

 ...Aaaaand yup, the wood stain covered it up, all right. It spread and spread and now I don't love it so much any more. The green leaves look sickly with the brown stain spread into them, and the flowers don't stand out as much when they have brown spots.
 Well, you can't win 'em all...

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