My Week in Sketches

7:32 AM

This week was pretty epic. I was happy to capture a few of the memories with some drawings.
We'll start with the flash flood that washed car-sized boulders into the middle of the road where I work...

Then, after the stressful day before...I went to my friend's lake house for the weekend! I was so happy to get away and relax with my ridiculous friends. I can't really "explain" the picture below...the boys just like to take their shirts off for no reason.

The next night, as we were all hanging out, someone said "We should play sardines!" and in an instant, everybody was running to hide. Sardines, if you don't know, is a game where only one person hides and the rest go looking. But we were a little fuzzy on the rules and for about ten minutes, everybody was hiding and nobody was looking for anyone. 

We went tubing on the lake, and I didn't like it when the boat was going fast. I'm kind of a wuss. But when the boat was going at less than five miles per hour in a "no-wake zone", I was happy to give it a go. We were moving so slowly, and right as I happily declared "Now this is my kind of tubing!" the tube sank. Because we were moving so slow, the boat wasn't even pulling us. 

We stopped at a petting zoo on the way home. 
My friends fed goats. I fed myself ice cream.

Some friends of mine let me come pilfer their stockpile of pallets in the backyard, which I will eagerly use for art projects.

This is a running joke I have with a friend who's always trying to convince me that I should let her make all my life decisions for me. (There's an episode of "Friends" where Rachel decides she's made too many bad decisions in life so she lets Monica make all her decisions for her.) That's what friends are for, right?

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  1. I LOVE ALL OF THIS!!! So thankful to be a part of your life, Annie!

    PS. I really should make all of your life decisions...


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