My (Shortened) Week in Sketches

7:37 AM

I'm out of town again this week. Lots of travelling in the fall for me.
But that means I was only able to post a few of last week's daily sketches.

My friends and I have been gathering together on Thursday nights to watch Survivor for many years. We also chat and eat dinner and hang out like normal people...but we still take our Survivor pretty seriously. Sometimes we wear homemade "buffs" like the Survivor contestants do.

This might not seem exciting, but I cleaned my garage Friday night. It was such a disaster area, and now it looks SO much better and I'm so happy about it.

I watched the movie "Blue Like Jazz" this weekend, and sadly did not find it very entertaining. I might have fallen asleep a few times.

I went to a new church on Sunday, and was very pleased to run into so many friends there.

...And then I left for a staff retreat! See ya' next week with the sketches.

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