X-Tessellation Update

7:39 AM

 A few months back, I posted some sketches I was working on to create an X-Men tessellation. Unfortunately, this is as far as I got! I didn't draw things as exact as I should have, so it's still a bit jumbled, and there are obviously blank spots. But I still want to finish it one day...I think it's so fun to look at the parts that are all filled in together, and even though some of the shapes are a bit of a stretch, I think it's so fun to see all the characters smushed in together:

Some day! I'll get around to finishing it. 
Because the world needs an X-Men tessellation. 
I've found my calling.

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  1. Very cute. I can't believe that you can make a tessellation like this so cool. We just had this activity but it's not as cool as this. http://blog.philboard.net/blog/the-tessellation-artwork/

    1. They still look pretty cool, though! Tessellations are so fun.


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