Thy Will Be Done

7:35 AM

This phrase has been on my mind a lot lately when I pray.
Sometimes my prayers get all tangled up, like "God, I'd really like for this to happen. If you want it to. But not if you have something else planned. But I'd really like for this to be what you have planned. But if you want to do something else, I understand. Whatever you want is fine." And it's this weird sort of path that leads me to a shrug of the shoulders by the end of, I have a prayer, but you're going to do whatever you want anyway, so...whatever. And I don't want to tell God "whatever," like I'm an apathetic teenager.

So I've decided that "Thy will be done" is the healthier version of "whatever" for me. God, let your will be done. Whatever you want. Maybe this doesn't make much sense to anyone else, but I've found myself happier with simpler prayers lately...and this phrase has been a part of that. So, naturally I wrote it out and threw some trendy arrows on it. 
Originally, I started drawing this by hand (as I'm prone to do)...but I realized a little ways into it that if I was going to color in the letters (which I was planning to), then I might as well just type the letters. And it was infinitely easier.

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