Sitcom Sketches

7:41 AM

I was cleaning out my room yesterday (a victory in and of itself) and I discovered some sketches from years ago that I'd totally forgotten about. I love when this happens. Every now and then, I come across artwork that I have no recollection of, and it's so fun to discover something that's both created by me and "new" to me. Maybe not everyone has sketches stored in every nook and cranny of their room to discover years later, but I highly recommend it.

The sketches I found were of several people and several floor plans. It took me a minute to realize they were "concept drawings" for a sitcom pilot I started to write about five years ago. For the record, I'm not really a writer and saying that I "wrote a sitcom pilot" sounds super-duper pretentious...It was a period of time where I felt like writing, and my friends are just so flipping hilarious that I wanted a way to record some of the funny interactions we've had over the years. When I was a kid, I liked writing stories, but I never finished them. What I did finish was the cover art. That was what I always wanted to tackle first. And similarly, here with the sitcom, I was eager to find any excuse to draw things...and procrastinate with the writing. Guess that's just how I roll.

So here you go, images from a sitcom that will never be...

I like that this image has eyeballs showing which direction the cameras would shoot in different rooms:

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