My Week in Sketches

7:34 AM

Last week I got to go to a sneak preview of an upcoming movie that I was really excited about, and then I got to be in a focus group afterwards to ask about my opinion of the movie. I've never done anything like that before, so it was a lot of fun. Oh, and I was sitting a few seats down from Judd Apatow.
 Then I went to my parents' house for the weekend...This is what it's like during (fantasy) baseball season. My dad really likes baseball, if I haven't mentioned that before.
I always complain that I can't cook chicken right, so my mom supervised while I baked some.
 It always feels a little bittersweet every time I pull away from my childhood home...
I enjoyed having dinner with the friends that I used to live with (I really miss having dinner cooked for me every night!)

I've been really into spinach smoothies lately! I never thought I'd be that girl. But they taste good and I love smoothies and it's an easy breakfast to "eat" on the way to work.
Nothing finishes off a week quite like dumpster diving! There was so much scrap wood for me to make things with! And for some reason I seriously enjoy crawling around on top of giant dumpster. 

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