My Week in Sketches

7:32 AM

I went to the park with my friends last Thursday, and there was a particularly cute moment where one of the kiddos hugged another while she was having a sad moment.
I went swimming with some friends and was ever-so-happy to spend the entire afternoon on a pool raft... happy, in fact, that I decided to do the exact same thing the next day.
 My friends and I went mini-golfing (which I haven't done in years!) And I remembered about two holes into it that both of them actually play golf for real, and I was bound to lose.
 I finally got to meet my friend's new baby...
It's so weird/cool to see a friend as a parent for the first time.
(And then I'm over it and I'm like "Why can't you come to the movies with me anymore?!")
 My roommates and I often have a funny window of time during the day when I've just gotten home, and they're about to leave for the night shift, and we're all trying to cook dinner at the same time. It's a solid half hour of crowded chaos. But at least we're together.

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