Friend Icons

7:45 AM

This is another set of icons like the ones I made last week of my family.
I liked them so much that I decided to create some of a few of my friends. It's a funny task to try and come up with a "prop" for each one that represents them in some way. Alison, on the left, is an avid reader (though I probably should have drawn a kindle if I was trying to be accurate...) Kira, in the middle, is an elementary school teacher, so she gets the apple...even though I'm pretty sure no child has given their teacher an apple since, like, 1910. And her husband, Chris, is a bit of a mountain man, so he gets a trusty axe for all the wood-cutting he does in winter. I like the simplicity of this style...and I especially like that there's no pressure to draw a person's face right when they have no facial features. This I can do!

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  1. I LOVE THIS! I always feel so honored to be a part of your artwork. :)


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