Family Icons

7:29 AM

 While I was at Comic Con a few weeks ago, my friend Alison and I spotted some bags that had this "Big Bang Theory" design on the side of it. We both agreed that it was pretty cool graphically, and Alison insisted that I learn to make these little graphics of people so I could make some of our friends.

...But I still haven't drawn our friends yet. I got distracted. I made one of myself first (below, left) and liked it more than I thought I would (and yes, I totally copied the bottom center character.) But then I wanted to do a "boy" one, since they seemed like they'd be easier. So I decided to create one of my dad, since he's kind of then of course I had to draw my mom and finish off the trio. I've got a pencil in my hand (even though I'd rather use anything than a no. 2 pencil, but they're so recognizable and iconic!), while my dad has the sports page and my mom has her morning cup of coffee. I like these guys more than I anticipated! I'm sure there will be many more to come...

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  1. my coffee and I like them a LOT! starbucksmom

  2. Those are so cute, Annie! Love them!


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