Chiller Whale

7:38 AM

This is one of my faves. Last week, while I was hanging out with friends on Catalina Island, one of my buddies coined the term "Chiller Whale." As in, "Man, that song is so chiller whale!" Or "Everybody needs to just chiller whale right now." So it's basically used in place of whenever you would say something is "chill" or really cool. I mean, I never say anything is "chill," but I think this is funny enough that I want to say it. After a few days of us calling everything chiller whale ironically, it didn't seem so ridiculous any more, and I found myself thinking of it as the adjective I wanted to use more and more often. Don't get me wrong, I won't be caught dead saying "chiller whale" around anyone who's not already in on the joke, but around those of us that were there - it's become my new favorite phrase. Also, if I ever start a band, it's going to be called Chiller Whale. 

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  1. When the Oxford Dictionary Press includes "Chiller Whale" into their lexicon, this picture will accompany it.

    I mean, if they'll include word like, "Twerk," why not "Chiller Whale"?

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