Treefeathers and Whatnot

7:51 AM

This is...not my best work. Sometimes my weird creative line of thinking leads me to drawings that weren't really worth the trip. This started when I saw a feather logo somewhere, and I mistakenly thought it was a tree. So then I thought (mistakenly, again) it would be cool to try to draw a tree that looks like a feather. Geez, I'm already boring myself explaining this. Just - I drew a treefeather and it was unexciting, so I thought I'd draw another tree-that-looked-like-something-else. That middle thing is supposed to be a tree shaped like a dropped ice cream cone. How did I get there?! What led me to this? I don't know. And then I drew a wooden boy for good measure. Like, the creepiest wooden boy ever.

 So, to save today from being an utter, all-around disaster, I played around with some colored treefeathers that I at least like a little bit:

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